Selfies for skincare

How Haut.AI's research is revolutionising the beauty industry
Making personalised skincare powered by AI the new standard for global beauty and wellness brands.

December 13, 2022 at 19:00 CET

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The Future of Skincare is AI-Powered
Artificial intelligence is transforming the beauty, skincare and wellness industries. Now, entirely personalised recommendations are available with the quick snap of a selfie - thanks to Haut.AI. Haut.AI's artificial intelligence SaaS tools are making it possible for beauty brands, wellness and aesthetics businesses, and skincare manufacturers to offer their customers in-depth and non-invasive skin assessments.

Haut.AI's tech is backed by highly credible and cutting-edge research from its leadership team. In this webinar, CEO and co-founder Anastasia Georgievskaya, will share the latest findings on AI and skin care from her recent research article published in the Journal of the American Society of the Plastic Surgeons.

Anastasia will explain how artificial intelligence and non-invasive image analysis is delivering the next generation of skincare.
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Please join us if you want to learn more about:
  • How AI and selfies can help design tailor-made skincare routines
    How brands are bringing AI skin analysis tools from professional labs to retail locations and smartphones.
  • The parameters Haut.AI's technology uses to create cutting-edge AI skin analytics
    And why is there no 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to skincare.
  • Why personalisation is key to sustainability in skincare products
    How AI is reducing the amount of mispurchased and mass-manufactured cosmetics.
Meet Haut.AI
About Anastasia Georgievskaya, Haut.AI CEO
Anastasia Georgievskaya is the CEO and co-founder of Haut.AI, an Estonian AI-powered skin analytics SaaS platform delivering uniquely personalised skincare recommendations and diagnostics for retail and skin wellness applications.
Anastasia brings 9+ years of experience to her leadership role at Haut.AI with an impressive, multifaceted background in ageing and skin health. In her roles before launching Haut.AI, she expanded the use of AI in beauty as a research scientist at Beauty.AI. She has also collaborated with some of the most prestigious companies in disease, well-being and ageing research, including unicorn Insilico Medicine, where she developed valuable human data analytics and biomarkers from digital imagery and video.
Anastasia holds a Master's degree in Biophysics and Bioengineering from Lomonosov Moscow State University. She prioritizes continued academic research on ageing and skin health and is the author of several papers on artificial intelligence methods for skin and medical data processing.
About Haut.AI
Backed by leading scientists, AI researchers, and world-class technology, Haut.AI analyses skin conditions using your phone or computer camera to deliver a tailor-made skincare routine. Our system was trained on 3 million data points to develop outstanding tools for image-based skin analysis. In the snap of a selfie, we assess more than 150 face biomarkers and deliver highly accurate skin evaluation with 98% accuracy when compared to clinical grading. We've evaluated over 10,000 images to build this database.
Haut.AI ensures every user's skincare journey is a personal and unique experience, with convenient and easy-to-use diagnostics. Skincare shopping can finally go beyond the guesswork of product selection - Haut.AI knows exactly what each and every skin type needs! As a proud, women-led company, we are making it easier than ever to build your own expert skincare routine.
Read the Research Paper
Anastasia's research paper explores the benefits of AI for skin personalisation. She uses Haut.AI's computer vision algorithm to track skin parameters and evaluate how these differ between demographics like gender and age. AI applications incorporating data from populations and multi-dimensional biomarkers can make more accurate evaluations of skin health. In practice, these findings could be implemented as different minimum, and maximum skin values for different demographics and what is considered a "normal" or "desired" skin condition for a given demographic and then designing the treatment based on the deviations.
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