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Haut.AI is an Estonian startup developing AI algorithms for recognition of skin pathologies. Our developments are based on the algorithms of computer vision and machine learning including deep learning. Our core product is SaaS for skincare. We help our clients:

What we do

transform and digitalize interaction between business and customer
We want to bring easy-accessible AI skin diagnostics to every household. We believe that personalized non-invasive skin diagnostics will transform skincare.
facilitate R&D
build new skincare strategies
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Recommendation engines for skincare
Recommendation engines for skincare
Recommendation engines for skincare
AI for Skincare
skin image
Skin image
SaaS Cloud
Computer Vision and AI-powered algoritmhs trained on more than 100k skin images
Facilitate R&D

Personalise skincare experience

Build digital skincare

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How to integrate

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animal health – pet health biomarkers
skincare – skin beauty metrics
skin health – health and aging biomarkers – saas cloud
SaaS cloud
animal health
skin health
skin beauty metrics
health and aging biomarkers
pet health biomarkers
Skin and face annotation for multiple conditions

Our mission is to help people achieve best skin condition and preserve youthful and attractive look through tracking the dynamics of multiple skin parameters with Artificial Intelligence.

We aspire to be a leader in the field of deep learning for personalized skincare and anti-aging interventions.
ai brain – AI for Skincare

Every skin is unique.
We help select skin care treatments for the individual skin type, climate, health status, geography and other parameters and personalize the treatments for
each individual.

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Link to our recent research paper

There are many factors that influence the aging process. Unlocking these factors can lead to valuable insights into what impacts the condition and health of the human body and reveal how to minimize these impacts. Haut.AI team has developed a simple and accurate predictor of chronological age called the PhotoAgeClock.
These findings resulted in a research paper titled, "PhotoAgeClock: deep learning algorithms for development of non-invasive visual biomarkers of aging.

PhotoAgeClock can predict your age with unbelievable accuracy of 2.3 years MAE.


Tallinn, Estonia
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