AI skin analysis
Haut.AI is an innovative SaaS product that automates the collection of high-quality skin data. We help skincare brands provide skin testing and build interactive product recommendations on e-commerce platforms.


Build loyalty and engagement with your customers by offering a high-quality, state-of-the-art beauty advisor on your e-commerce platforms. Monitor and provide continuous feedback through skin diary.


Based on your customer's skin metrics, which are formed by cutting-edge image analysis and information on the user's lifestyle, our innovative AI-powered recommendation engine will suggest appropriate skincare products to achieve the perfect skin.


Haut.AI provides skincare brands with a B2B SaaS tool, available as an API and SDK, for AI skin analysis for their customers. This product facilitates R&D, provides essential tools for building skin analysis apps, and allows brands to develop a better understanding of their clients' needs.
Trained on millions of face and skin images, our advanced AI engine quickly and efficiently evaluates the face, identifying more than 15 essential skin health and beauty metrics.


Use cases

The girl receives a detailed analysis using her mobile

Connect with your customers

Incorporate Skin SaaS' AI algorithm into the interface of your own client application to accurately analyse skin, provide personalised product recommendations and beauty guides for your customers. The platform conducts a detailed skin analysis online, calculates key skin health and beauty metrics, and transmits the gathered information to your customer app. Simultaneously, you'll receive comprehensive reports through Haut.AI's dashboard.
Two girls get recommendations at the mall

Build your own product personalisation

Use data-driven cosmetics recommendations to get marketing insights for retail points of sale and online marketplaces. The information you provide will be analysed by Skin SaaS' AI algorithms, and you'll also receive aggregated, anonymised analytics through Haut.AI's dashboard.

Track testing at scale

Use Skin SaaS to transform R&D insights into actionable, science-driven marketing opportunities. Skin SaaS allows you to test a particular product's effectiveness in a standardised manner using the power of machine learning. What's more, you can generate marketing hypotheses based on training algorithms applied to your specific lab images and selfies.
Private practice doctor, dermatology specialist

Track skin changes

Private practice doctors, dermatology specialists and researchers can use Skin SaaS's intuitive web-based interface to perform skin diagnostics, track changes in skin condition, analyse research data and generate detailed and comprehensive skin reports for their clients.

You have one shot at connecting with your customer

Our tools help you build trust, engagement and loyalty


Over 15 skin and face parameters tested on high-quality datasets and validated by skin experts.


High-throughput API with simple integration. Just send a photo to Skin Cloud and we will perform a quality check, generate a skin metrics report, create personalised skin care recommendations, and deliver a simulation of the skincare treatment's effects.


Together with our API and SDK, we provide web-based dashboards for advanced business intelligence. This simple-to-use service is designed to help you develop a clearer vision of your customer's or client's needs and provides an array of algorithms and other powerful features.
sample AI analysis for skincare - skin report

Three steps to accurate AI skin analysis

You’re three steps away from building better customer connections
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Get a quote tailored to your needs

Connect your existing e-commerce platform and engage with your customers

Schedule a demo for our Skin SaaS system

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Pricing plan based on usage


Use our ready-made applications to analyse your clients' skin condition, get comprehensive reports and try personalised recommendations.


Why not experiment, customise the algorithm, and create new recommendations by adding your own products? Haut.AI will help you provide an exceptional digital experience.
Bring digital transformation to your cosmetics brand. A dedicated account manager and support team will work with you to build a fully customised solution powered by Skin SaaS.


Give it a try!

Select an image to see a sample Skin Metrics report using our novel Live Image Quality Assurance (LIQA) technique
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