Start your customers' journey to healthier skin with personalized product recommendations, available at the tap of a button.
The Science-Based Solution
AI Skin Analysis
AI Skin Analysis SaaS:
customizable solution for beauty industry
Haut.AI's Skin Analysis SaaS is an AI-powered platform that enables beauty brands to provide personalized product recommendations and interactive skin assessments to their customers.
Trained on over 3 million data points for accurate analysis
Evaluates 150+ unique multidimensional facial biomarkers
Uses 94 algorithms for recommending skincare products
Analyzes more than 15 essential skin health and beauty metrics
We use verified science and over 3M data points to achieve this level of accuracy
The average growth in customer conversion through AI skincare analysis with Haut.AI
The average increase in order value Haut.AI customers discover in their clients’ carts
Personalise every customers` skincare recommendations
Step 2
Customers take selfies using our smart camera
Beauty brands that choose Haut.AI see an average increase in shopping cart
value of 34%
Step 1
Install Haut.AI's Skin Analysis app on your e-commerce website, or offer an in-store expereince
Step 4
AI-powered recommendation engine will suggest the best skincare products to achieve the perfect skin based on your customer's skin metrics
Step 3
Our advanced AI engine quickly and efficiently evaluates the face, identifying more than 15 essential skin health and beauty metrics
Pricing plan based on usage
Haut.AI offers a customizable and easy-to-use skincare analysis tool that provides accurate, personalized recommendations based on years of scientific research.
For Enterprises
Bring digital transformation to your cosmetics brand. A dedicated account manager and support team will work with you to build a fully customised solution powered by Skin SaaS.
For small & medium businesses
Customise the algorithm, and create new recommendations by adding your own products. Haut.AI will help you provide an exceptional digital experience.


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