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Global Rollout of Skin Observer by NAOS and Haut.AI in 2024

Unlocking the Future of Skincare with Skin Observer: A Collaboration Between Haut.AI and NAOS

When it comes to skincare, finding that perfect balance for your skin can sometimes feel overwhelming. Countless products promising miracles already fill our shelves and a new “perfect” skincare routine goes viral every other month. It’s hard to keep up—but you no longer have to!NAOS and Haut.AI's Skin Observer Set for Global Launch in 2024: A Leap Forward in Skincare Through NAOS’ Unique Ecobiology Approach Combined with AI

Thanks to a game-changing partnership between Haut.AI and NAOS, consumers now have access to a tool that lets them choose routines and products perfectly tailored to their skin. That tool? Skin Observer.

Skin Observer is a seamless blend of cutting-edge AI technology and deep expertise in skin ecobiology. Developed hand-in-hand with dermatologists, this innovative digital tool offers consumers highly accurate skin analysis, complete with step-by-step skincare routines and customized product recommendations tailored to the user’s unique skin concerns and preferences—all with the click of a selfie!

It’s finally time to say goodbye to trends and guesswork and hello to personalized skincare solutions.

At the heart of Skin Observer lies NAOS’ philosophy of promoting skin health through a deep understanding of skin biology and ecology. By treating the skin as a dynamic ecosystem, NAOS prioritizes balance and harmony within the skin’s natural environment. Combined with Haut.AI’s extensive expertise in AI-driven skincare, grounded in world-class skin science and aging biomarker research, there’s no doubt that Skin Observer is poised to revolutionize the skincare industry.
Launching first in Latin America with plans for global expansion throughout 2024, Skin Observer will be rolled out across NAOS and its brand platforms, including BIODERMA, Etat Pur, and Institut Esthederm, providing consumers worldwide with instant access to dermatologist-level skin analysis and personalized ecobiological skincare routines.
At Haut.AI, we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities that Skin Observer brings to the world of skincare. It’s truly a testament to our shared vision of revolutionizing skincare through innovation and science. And with NAOS by our side, we’re confident that Skin Observer will help unlock a brighter, healthier future for skin everywhere.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey together!

To learn more about Skin Observer and this exciting launch, visit the NAOS website.
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