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Haut.AI transforms the skincare customer journey

Find out how Haut.AI’s cutting-edge technology helps take customer interaction to a new level and makes hyper-personalisation possible! In this article, we discuss the main difficulties the customer faces when choosing skincare products and how Haut.AI’s solution helps them overcome those obstacles. We are also happy to announce our newest video, which demonstrates how our technology works. The video is in the article!

The global shift to online has presented many challenges for businesses of all sizes. In the beauty and personal care industry, one of the main challenges of this new reality is maintaining effective communication with the customer. When it comes to interaction, beauty brands have always relied heavily on providing the most memorable and immersive in-store experiences, but is there a way to provide the same level of service through online channels?

Global growth in online cosmetics sales is more than 40%. 

One of the segments where high-quality customer support is most needed is skincare. Skincare is an important part of almost every person’s lifestyle, and while not everyone uses makeup or hair styling products, almost everyone owns at least some form of skincare product. A recent survey carried out by Statista (2021) revealed that skincare is the most shopped-for beauty category across all age groups, with 1 out of 3 participants naming skin compatibility as their primary criteria when selecting products. Moreover, recent studies in skincare research demonstrate that different skin types benefit from different types of skincare solutions, suggesting that consumers will benefit from a personalised, science-backed approach to the selection of cosmetic products. 

Cosmetic dermatologists agree that skin type plays a crucial role in determining what skincare products to use. However, it is very difficult for an average consumer to properly analyse their own skin. Haut.AI offers a perfect solution that brings immense value to both beauty brands and their customers: AI-powered, selfie-based skin analysis. Our technology integrates seamlessly with e-commerce and social media platforms, allowing skincare brands to educate their customers and guide them on their journey to achieving perfect skin. Haut.AI’s unique solution was developed by a dedicated team of AI scientists, dermatologists, biologists and key aesthetics opinion leaders, and it is trusted by leading skincare brands and retailers worldwide. We have tested and validated our tech on a diverse and balanced dataset to ensure a high level of performance for any age, gender and skin type. Our data-driven approach and product recommendation systems allow our clients to tap into the trend of hyper-personalisation and offer their customers engaging and seamless online shopping experiences. If you want to learn more about how AI technologies will shape the future of skincare, check out this post.

In our latest video, we explain all these details and more. Watch it now and subscribe to our channel to learn more exciting news about innovative technologies in the beauty sector.