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Transforming Beauty: A personal journey through Siluett's AI-Enhanced Skin Care

If you’ve ever created something from scratch, you’ll know the nervous, thrilling feeling of seeing it being used by someone else. That goes double when they've paid you for it.

Recently, I got a LinkedIn message from Maria Maido-Fiveger, owner of Eesti looduskosmeetika salong Siluett, a beauty salon in Tallinn and one of Haut.AI’s newest customers.

It took them just one week from signing up to set up our AI in their salon and within a month all was up and running. Even we were impressed with the speed of adoption!

Siluett is well-known for offering treatments using clean and natural cosmetics from Estonian brands such as Berrichi, Joik, D’Difference, Tilk, and others.

Maria was offering me the “Siluett AI experience”, which included using our clinical software as part of the beauty treatment. How could I say no to that?

On a chilly morning, I walked into the warmth of Siluett’s salon in the centre of Tallinn. I was welcomed by their aesthetician, Mari, who is renowned for the quality of her treatments. She’s so popular, it normally takes around a month to get an appointment with her, so I was in excellent hands.

The first thing we did was remove any and all make-up I had on. This is important for the next step, as make-up can mask skin features, and impact the perception of your age, influencing the recommendations you’ll get from Haut.AI’s software.

Once Mari had gently cleaned my face, I was set up for a selfie. But not in the ‘felt cute, might delete later’ way, this is much smarter.

Mari explained that we’d take the selfie, then review the results and recommendations of the AI system, and based on this she would perform the perfect procedures.

We set up a ring light in the room, and I sat in front of a neutral background to ensure the best possible results. Mari handed me a tablet with our Haut.AI app, already branded with Siluett’s logo and colors. It was already set up in Estonian, one of the 20 languages we can currently support.

The selfie flow itself took less than 30 seconds, with the image capture process guiding me in real-time. Before the picture, the app detected my location and gathered data about the UV and pollution conditions, which could affect the results. It also made sure the light was consistent, my features were visible and I was sitting straight.

Just 5 seconds later, I had my skin report. It offers results in 15 facial metrics, taken from 150 facial data points.
Unsurprisingly for me, it highlighted the condition of my eyes - I work in a start-up, I can always use more sleep and time outdoors! It also mentioned the size of my pores as an area to work on, so with those two main focuses, we moved on to the procedures.

The recommendations were cleansing, ultrasound treatment, a scrub, and finally a day cream. Mari was happy with this, so we got right into it.

The remaining hour was a pleasure, as Mari went through the treatments with care and consideration, and we chatted about the salon and the wider beauty industry. Mari said that Siluett’s popularity definitely helps in attracting enough clients, but the challenge for all salons is to stay relevant, keep up with the latest beauty trends, and then offer the best possible treatments to clients.

This also needs to be supported with a strong online presence, even when your business is primarily offline and in-person – the easier you can make finding, booking, and paying for beauty treatments, the more appealing you’ll be to your clients.
Once the treatments were complete, we took a second selfie, to see how things had changed. It feels fantastic to see measurable results, and the instant impact that treatments like steaming, ultrasound, or a simple massage can have on your skin’s wellbeing.

Mari also sent my personalized report to me as a PDF, and explained that clients of Siluett can access online analysis, so that in future visits they can review photos, skin analysis, and previous recommendations to further customize an ongoing treatment plan. The latest trends really do keep customers coming back.

As a start to my working day, it felt awesome, a perfect source of motivation and encouragement. Haut.AI, which I helped build from scratch, is assisting brilliant salons in improving their customer service.