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Südameapteek partners with Haut.AI to launch its new Virtual Cosmetologist

Südameapteek has partnered with Haut.AI, a leader in skin analysis and anti-aging solutions, to introduce the Virtual Cosmetologist, a virtual advisor. The collaboration aims to develop a sustainable business model and enhance the online shopping experience, reducing customer challenges and providing an exceptional online customer journey.

A New Era in Skincare

The Virtual Cosmetologist is designed to enhance the customer experience by combining skincare and technology, offering a personalized approach to each individual's unique skin needs. This cutting-edge tool utilizes artificial intelligence capabilities and Haut.AI's deep expertise in skincare analysis.

Südameapteek offers the Virtual Cosmetologist, developed by Haut.AI, to enhance their skincare-related offerings. This user-friendly solution provides a seamless experience, delivering personalized skincare recommendations in under 10 seconds from the moment the customer visits the page. The system only requires a selfie of a customer to identify over 15 skin concerns, using Haut.AI's state-of-the-art AI technology.

Enel Kolk, Südameapteek's Marketing and Communications Manager, commented on the partnership: "In our continuous pursuit of innovation and providing the best to our customers, the partnership with Haut.AI is a significant step forward. The Virtual Cosmetologist revolutionizes how we understand and meet our customers' skin needs."

"We are excited to combine our technological expertise with Südameapteek's extensive product knowledge. Together, we are reshaping the future of skincare in Estonia," added Anastasia Georgievskaya from Haut.AI.

Pharmacies have long been trusted for their comprehensive consultations and knowledgeable staff. By integrating Haut.AI's tool, Südameapteek is ready to further enhance this trust by expanding its expert services directly into customers' homes.

The Virtual Cosmetologist is available at selected Südameapteek pharmacies and online at https://www.sudameapteek.ee/naonaha-analuus. Customers are encouraged to experience the next-generation skin analysis and enjoy personalized product recommendations like never before.

About Südameapteek

Under the brand Südameapteek, there are 72 pharmacies, including the online pharmacy www.sudameapteek.ee. Südameapteek operates with over 360 pharmacists throughout Estonia. The vision of Südameapteek is to be the most personalized pharmacy service provider in Estonia, valuing the role of pharmacists as community health guardians.

About Haut.AI

Haut.AI is an Estonian artificial intelligence startup that pioneers the next generation of self-care. With no guesswork or a one-size-fits-all approach, Haut.AI creates "beauty-conscious" AI routines exclusive to each customer using just one selfie. Haut.AI's proprietary software is built on top-quality research and development and trained on over 3 million images. It analyzes image, lifestyle, and environmental data to generate accurate reports and personalized recommendations for skincare and haircare. Haut.AI's offering includes GenAI technologies, first introduced in early 2023 with the SkinGPT offering. More than 80 companies, including Beiersdorf, Ulta Beauty (the largest beauty retailer in the United States), Almirall, Dr Max Pharmacies, Phoenix Group, Grupo Bòticario and others have utilized Haut.AI's SaaS toolkit to launch B2C applications, create personalized product journeys, and fulfill sustainability commitments. Learn more about Haut.AI at www.haut.ai.