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Generative AI Company Haut.AI Raises €2 Million to Expand in Skincare B2B SaaS

TALLINN, ESTONIAHaut.AI, an Estonian-based European generative AI startup pioneering beauty and skincare intelligence tools such as Skin and Hair SaaS and SkinGPT, announced today that it has raised €2 million in seed funding from LongeVC, a biotech and longevity venture capital firm, and the VC arm of Grupo Boticário shareholders – one of the most prominent beauty conglomerates in the world. The fundraising will support Haut.AI in expanding and scaling its no-code skincare e-commerce personalization software, and R&D will focus on multimodal generative artificial intelligence for skin analysis.

“At Haut.AI, we're not just enhancing skincare commerce with generative AI—we're redefining it. Using cutting-edge AI, we've transformed the simple act of taking a selfie into a high-touchpoint experience for online businesses that combines a powerful diagnostic tool followed by a curated product discovery journey. Our commitment goes beyond providing personalized skincare recommendations. We're democratizing access to precise skincare analysis, ensuring our partners can serve everyone, regardless of age, gender, or geography. We envision a world where skincare isn't about guessing; it's about brands understanding the uniqueness of their customers shopping online and delivering a data-driven experience that benefits both brands by increasing sales and customers who get better value for money,” said Anastasia Georgievskaya, co-founder and CEO.

The ambition and potential of Haut.AI have garnered significant attention from major stakeholders in the industry. Garri Zmudze, a managing partner of LongeVC, said: “Haut.AI’s cutting-edge tech will underpin the next generation of skin health, from early detection to diagnostics to personalized care. As they advance, anticipate game-changing solutions that tackle real skin challenges. Anastasia and her team are pioneering the use of artificial intelligence for the health of our skin and bringing it to more customers worldwide through their major retailer and brand partnerships.”

Paulo Braga from Grupo Boticário’s shareholders’ VC arm said: “In Haut.AI, we see not just a startup but the future of skin wellness. Anastasia and her team have a compelling vision and the technology to back it. The way people buy cosmetics online today is similar to the experience of buying electronics or books but the customer journey is far from being equal. We're excited to be part of their journey.”

Haut.AI is a leader in online skincare analysis, as proven by its top-tier partners like Beiersdorf and Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the United States. Its scientifically backed, accurate, and proven tech offers rich functionality with easy-to-integrate software, making it possible for retailers, brands, and clinics to offer precise digital skin analysis and personalized product recommendations in-store and online.

The word “haut” means “skin” in German. Since its inception, Haut.AI has developed a relentless commitment to quality, reliability, and practical utility, working with some of the world’s most prominent skincare R&D teams based in Germany and Switzerland. Company scientists published seminal research papers in skincare AI and developed a popular software solution used by over one hundred skincare R&D centers and sellers worldwide.

Haut.AI boasts one of the world's most expansive balanced skin imaging datasets, with over 150 biomarkers, 3+ million images, and over billion data points, which include synthetic data, ensuring unparalleled skin diversity. This contributes to the ability to develop AI and skincare intelligence that is unbiased and equitable. Furthermore, Haut.AI has been using multiple forms of generative AI, including Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), since 2016, before generative systems gained widespread attention and got consumerized. The early adoption of generative AI allowed the company to become an expert in high-quality synthetic data generation for training and experimentation. In May 2023, Haut.AI announced SkinGPT, a groundbreaking virtual skincare try-on that enables image-to-image simulation of any skin condition using clinical claims. Haut.AI also uses GenerativeAI to check its system for biases as a part of its ethical AI commitment.

Earlier this year, Haut.AI announced its inclusion in the Pegasus Program and welcomed Peter Diamandis and Nicola Bell to their Board of Advisors. Diamandis, known for founding the XPRIZE Foundation and co-founding Singularity University, brings a wealth of experience, having led several companies in the realms of space, technology, and longevity. Nicola Bell joined the company as the Board Advisor for Marketing and Business Strategy. Her previous experience includes executive sales positions at the International Institute for Active Aging, Nike, Clinique, Adidas, and L’Oréal. Haut.AI is set to announce more products and partnerships soon.

For more information about this release, please contact team@haut.ai.

About SkinGPT

SkinGPT enables the first-ever skincare virtual try-on with photorealistic simulations and scientific backing. Haut.AI uses cutting-edge AI to create synthetic images and apply skin conditions to input image data. This empowers users to realistically simulate how their skin will change over time when using certain skincare products.

About the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Programme

In 2023, Haut.AI was selected for the Pegasus program, a two-year initiative by Microsoft's Founders Hub catering to startups with customer-centric products on the Microsoft Cloud. This participation underscores Haut.AI's dedication to growth and optimization.
About Haut.AI

Haut.AI is a leading European AI company delivering hyper-personalized skincare and beauty experiences. Backed by its best-in-class research, science, and tech teams, Haut.AI’s SaaS platform was trained on 3 million image data points to evaluate more than 150 unique multidimensional face biomarkers to deliver interactive, customized aesthetic recommendations—with just the quick snap of a selfie. The Haut.AI platform is already being used by the world’s leading beauty, skincare, and pharma brands, including Beiersdorf and Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the United States, as well as Almirall Pharma, Phoenix and Dr Max. As a proudly women-led company, Haut.AI’s mission is to make personalized skincare the new standard for global beauty and wellness brands powered by AI. To learn more, visit haut.ai.

About LongeVC

LongeVC is an international venture capital firm pursuing an ageless future. Specialising in seed and early-stage investments in biotech and longevity startups, LongeVC's mission is to bring to market breakthrough biotech that will change lives and transform the nature of our health. They are improving early cancer diagnostics, leveraging epigenetic reprogramming, deploying AI and machine learning for drug and therapeutic discovery, developing SaaS tools to utilise medical data better, and more. LongeVC is advised by notable scientists and experts such as Thomas Rando, PhD, Evelyne Bischof, MD, and Michael Levitt, PhD, and others. To learn more, visit www.longevc.com.

About Grupo Boticário

Grupo Boticaário shareholders venture capital arm is a Brazilian venture capital firm specializing in investments within the RetailTech and BeautyTech sectors on a global scale. With a track record operating retail endeavors, our focus lies in nurturing seed and early-stage startups, leveraging our extensive retail expertise and expansive network to drive the growth of our portfolio companies. We proudly collaborate with visionary entrepreneurs who share our dedication to revolutionizing the retail industry. Learn more at www.grupoboticario.com.br.