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HautAI latest mentions: Longevity Technology and Breezometer.

HautAI named the industry’s trailblazer in the latest Advanced Aesthetics market report by Longevity Technology

The beauty industry is transforming, and we at Haut.AI are proud to be a part of this revolution. For centuries, people have aimed to change their appearance in order to look younger and improve their well-being - with varying safety and success. Today, bleeding-edge technology like our AI skin analysis is turning this into a bona-fide scientific field that can identify and address the root causes of aging while also delivering aesthetic results!

Featured in Longevity Technology’s report

Our tools help thousands of customers in the beauty and medical industries discover hyper-personalised skincare options, all using non-invasive skin aging biomarkers. Our work was recently featured in Longevity Technology’s report about Advanced Aesthetics - read more here.

Read the full report here.

Haut.AI Transforms Skincare Recommendation Engine Using BreezoMeter’s Environmental Data

We at HautAI are thrilled about our partnership with BreezoMeter, a live and forecast environmental intelligence platform headquartered in Haifa, Israel.

Looking for a Personalized Consumer Journey Tool?

A better skincare recommendation engine

Using BreezoMeter’s environmental data, Haut.AI has transformed its skincare recommendation engine. Going forward, Haut.AI’s smarter skin analysis will help individuals understand how their skin responds to the environment, and guide consumers towards the products best suited for their individual needs.

Haut.AI and BreezoMeter’s datasets were combined into analytical models, using AI and Machine Learning, to identify patterns of environmental influence on different skin types, depending on the person’s location.

Based on their detailed data analysis, Haut.AI identified three new groups of environmental-related skin behaviors which were integrated into the Haut.AI product matching technology to allow beauty brands to provide consumers with deeper skincare personalization.

Read the full case study here.