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New approach to acne management with System Akvile & Haut.AI

We are proud to announce that Haut.AI has entered into an exciting partnership with System Akvile, a science-based skin health app. Together, we plan to challenge traditional beauty norms, break down the unfair stigma experienced by those with visible skin conditions, and provide an innovative solution for delivering effective skin treatments across the world.

New effective acne management

Did you know that acne is the eighth most common disease in the world, affecting almost 10% of people globally and over 40% of the Millennial and GenZ population? Those with acne-prone skin report feelings of embarrassment, hopelessness and disappointment, feelings that are compounded by the impossible beauty standards portrayed in the media.

Simultaneously, some health and beauty brands promote elaborate, expensive, unattainable or unsustainable skincare practices to sell their latest products, furthering societal misconceptions about this common skin condition and intensifying the stigma around it.

According to Dr. Akvile Ignotaite, a data scientist and the founder of System Akvile,
“People with skin conditions often feel like they are perpetual flaws. This comes from long-standing myths, inaccuracies, taboos, and they are constantly reminded of it by today’s distorted standards of beauty. They are in charge of their skin, but not in control. This is neither healthy for the skin nor for the mind. We want to put control in their hands with innovative and accessible tech.”

System Akvile’s mission is to help those with acne-prone skin through its convenient but comprehensive approach to skin health. This approach focuses on identifying triggers, tracking the user’s progress, and empowering them with information that is backed by science, allowing them to pinpoint aspects of their lifestyle that may be having an effect on their skin health.

Acne management - With Haut.AI’s innovative technology

Haut.AI’s innovative technology for AI facial analysis is central to delivering this solution. The implementation of our AI algorithms in the System Akvile app allows high-quality scan data to be gathered and up to 150 visual skin wellness biomarkers to be assessed.

It’s a truly powerful combination—one that ensures that each analysis is personalized to the user, that changes in the skin can be accurately tracked, and that users are empowered with the knowledge required to self-manage their skin health.

In the five months since Haut.AI’s technology was integrated with the System Akvile app, more than 17,000 face scans have been successfully completed, indicating a strong demand for best-in-class skin health technology among those with chronic skin conditions.

Speaking on this exciting partnership, Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO of Haut.AI, said,
“This partnership is an example of the social impact that Haut.AI’s technology has. Holistic evidence and the scientifically proven methods for achieving acne-free skin developed by the System Akvile team combined with accurate, biologically relevant skin analysis by Haut.AI is the real beauty tech. Our partnership gives consumers more than just data. It gives them understandable and actionable insights for a higher quality of life and increased wellbeing.”

It is hoped that the insights and lessons learned from serving these acne-prone users will help inform future solutions and open up opportunities for those struggling with other skin conditions. We believe in the Future of AI Skincare.