Latest advances in aging research and drug discovery

Multiple interventions in the aging process have been discovered to extend the healthspan of model organisms. Both industry and academia are therefore exploring possible transformative molecules that target aging and age-associated diseases. In this overview, we summarize the presented talks and discussion points of the 5th Annual Aging and Drug Discovery Forum 2018 in Basel, Switzerland. Here academia and industry came together, to discuss the latest progress and issues in aging research. The meeting covered talks about the mechanistic cause of aging, how longevity signatures may be highly conserved, emerging biomarkers of aging, possible interventions in the aging process and the use of artificial intelligence for aging research and drug discovery. Importantly, a consensus is emerging both in industry and academia, that molecules able to intervene in the aging process may contain the potential to transform both societies and healthcare.
Bakula, D., Aliper, A.M., Mamoshina, P., Petr, M.A., Teklu, A., Baur, J.A., Campisi, J., Ewald, C.Y., Georgievskaya, A., Gladyshev, V.N. and Kovalchuk, O., 2018. Aging and drug discovery. Aging (Albany NY), 10(11), p.3079.