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Interview with CEO of Haut.AI: Company`s Journey and the Future of AI in Skincare

The vibrant atmosphere of In Cosmetics Global 2024 in Paris set the stage for a conversation between Anastasia Georgievskaya, the visionary CEO of Haut.AI, and Cosmetics Business. Georgievskaya, with a background in biophysics and bioengineering, shared her journey of founding Haut.AI, a company that is revolutionizing the beauty industry through AI-powered solutions.

Haut.AI's Story

From the early days developing software for clinical studies to the current position as a leading provider of AI-powered beauty solutions, Haut.AI has always been driven by a passion for scientific rigor and a deep understanding of consumer needs. Anastasia's background in biophysics and bioengineering, combined with her experience in skincare testing facilities, fueled the creation of Haut.AI, to bridge the gap between science and consumer perception.
"Originally, we were not working on software for retail, rather software for clinical studies," Anastasia revealed. "We have been working for about three years in skin care testing facilities, and we analyzed a lot of product effects before and after during clinical trials," shared Anastasia Georgievskaya. Through this experience, a crucial observation emerged: while clinical data consistently showed significant skin improvements from skincare products, public perception often told a different story. Many consumers felt that skincare simply didn't work, a disconnect driven in part by marketing hype and a lack of personalized guidance.

"Consumers don't really understand their skin, and then they come on the websites to shop for skincare or come into physical stores, and they get lost. They get something. But it's not working for their skin," Anastasia observed. The problem lay not in the efficacy of skincare products themselves, but in the mismatch between products and consumers. Then we thought, why don't we take AI and put it on this task of finding the perfect beauty products for consumers that will benefit both consumers and brands?". And so, Haut.AI was born.

Empowering Consumers and Businesses

Today Haut.AI offers hair and skin analysis, recommendation engines, and the revolutionary SkinGPT. These tools are already making a tangible difference in the lives of over 200,000 consumers each month, guiding them towards the right products through personalized recommendations and data-driven insights. Haut.AI caters to a diverse clientele, from retailers and brands to clinics and pharmacies, offering tailored solutions for various needs. For instance, we help optimize online traffic navigation for e-commerce businesses and enhance in-store consultations for physical stores.

SkinGPT, our generative AI technology, is a true game-changer, and one of Haut.AI's most popular offerings. By simulating skin conditions using clinical data, it enables consumers to visualize how their skin would respond to various products and environmental factors. Moreover, it empowers consumers to make informed choices and fosters a deeper understanding of skincare. "Imagine someone telling you, if you buy this cream, you will have reduction of your wrinkles by 20%. But does it actually give you a picture of what your face will look like? SkinGPT can exactly tell you, if you buy this cream, this is how you will look like. Isn't it amazing?" Anastasia explained.

Beyond its consumer-facing benefits, SkinGPT also plays a crucial role in our research and development efforts. "SkinGPT allows us to generate diverse and photorealistic datasets, which are essential for training our AI models and ensuring their accuracy across various populations and markets," Anastasia emphasized.

The Future of E-commerce

Haut.AI`s vision for the future extends beyond product recommendations. "We are committed to reshaping the e-commerce landscape by integrating online and offline experiences through AI-powered tools". This will create a more engaging and personalized shopping journey for consumers, enhancing their connection with brands and products.
Haut.AI firmly believes in democratizing AI technology, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. As Anastasia eloquently stated, "We want not only the corporates to benefit from our solutions but also the small medium businesses. We believe it's important to make AI accessible to everyone".

If you haven't already, we invite you to watch the full interview with Anastasia Georgievskaya, where she delves deeper into Haut.AI's story, the transformative potential of SkinGPT, and the future of e-commerce and beauty.